Desertfest Londres 2018

Du 04 au 06 mai 2018
Londres (Royaume-Uni)


Mai 2018

Monster Magnet, Graveyard, High On Fire, Hawkwind, Napalm Death, Eyehategod, The Obsessed, Weedeater, Nebula, Church Of Misery, Warning, Zeke, Elder, Akercocke, Asg, Radio Moscow, Jex Thoth, White Hills, Wino, Monolord, Sourvein, Planet Of Zeus, Primitive Man, Bison, Steak Number Eight, Death Alley, Dopelord, Black Rainbows, Dead Witches, Miss Lava, King Buffalo, Kind, Suma, Cattle, Puppy, Fister, The Watchers, Darkher, Telepathy, Winterfylleth, Black Moth, Freedom Hawk, Ghold, Moloch, Snapped Ankles, The Black Wizards, Bismuth, The Necromancers, Crumpet, Melting Hand, Solleme, Blackwülf, Casual Nun, Crowd Of Chairs, Old Man Lizard, Lionize, Mountains, Pist, Five The Hierophant, LLNN, Chrch, Snow Burial, The Moth, Monolithian, Mastiff, Adcx, Trevor's Head, Swedish Death Candy, Tuskar, Tom Cameron, Morass Of Molasses, Lo Chief.

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« A mettre sa vie en musique, On en oublie parfois de vivre. »
Hubert Félix Thiéfaine